Luke J.Hughes

Weddings | Special events | Restaurants/Dining

     As a child, Luke was inspired by a fiddle player, and began taking lessons at the age of eight years old. Throughout school and college, he gained experience playing for bands, church groups, and community orchestras.
In 2017, he enrolled at GBSC in the music department, majoring in music education with a minor in the violin. While in college, he began teaching the violin, posting music videos for fun, and learning the ins and outs of the music industry. In 2020, during the height of covid, he switched his major to music ministry, and graduated with his AAS in December of that year.
     Through showcasing his passion for music and the violin, he started playing for weddings, parties, dining, and other events shortly after graduating. He continues to share his love for music with others. 

Music Videos

Music videos can be seen on Luke's YouTube channel.

  • Portland, ME, USA

Because of recent demand, Luke is now charging a minimum of $500 for local events, and $700+ for out-of-state events. For bookings, fill out the form below. Include details for your event, date, time, and location.